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Roulette may have had humble beginnings back in the 18th century, but today it’s one of the biggest casino games available. It was actually in the 17th century that a Frenchman was working on an invention – something he called a perpetual motion machine. With a few modifications to it, it would go on to become the roulette wheel. It seems as though by 1796, the roulette game was found in the French capital of Paris, although it was known as a game for royalty to play.

Throughout the centuries, roulette grew ever more popular, appearing in betting houses and casinos across the world. Today, it’s still one of the most-known and referenced casino games around. Which is where comes into play. This platform is dedicated to the game of roulette. Not only do we have hints and tips about playing the game, but we’ll be able to inform you on the best locations to play it. We’ll also look at the different software developers that provide roulette games to gaming sites. So, for everything roulette-based, this site targets itself directly at you. We’ve got it all here for you. Not only that, but you’ll be able to uncover all of the intrigue and thrills of roulette directly via

Our site is dedicated to bringing you the best and latest information about online roulette. Whenever you want to find a new location to play roulette at, we’ve got all the best platforms. Should you want to discover about roulette promotions, we’ve got the information on all of them. If you want to pinpoint a great casino that provides roulette via mobile devices, it’s all right here for you.

Roulette Games

While it’s true to say that the original version of roulette was a solitary offering, it has advanced over the years. In doing so, there now exists several different versions of the game for players to access. Most of them follow the same basic rules, but have slightly different wheel or table setups. The three main types of roulette are generally considered to be European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. At a glance, you wouldn’t really notice anything different about these three variations. However, there are subtle differences that make them alternatives to each other.

European Roulette for example, is perhaps the world’s most popular variation. It tends to offer up a lower house edge, making the odds of winning slightly better than the American offering. The European version also incorporates a single zero on the wheel. Naturally, this means that the American version incorporates the double zero on its wheel. While this does almost double the house edge overall, American Roulette is still very popular. Finally, the French offering is played on the same kind of layout as the European version. For even money stakes, this version has the lowest house edge against the other two.

Software Developers

Many online casino game developers have created their own roulette offerings. And while there may not be any differences between the type of roulette that these games provide, there are certain differences between software developers’ designs. Some utilise higher quality graphics than others, for example. Meanwhile, some will provide a stronger range of colours and settings for their roulette games. That’s why we’ll also be able to inform you on which games come from which developers. Therefore, if you have a preference for playing games from a specific provider, you’ll be able to locate the roulette offerings from them easily.

Not only that, but different developers work with different versions of roulette too. Some provide only European Roulette, while others will stick to American Roulette. And then there are the ones that create all three main versions spoken of above. In this instance, maybe you have a particular preference for a specific version of roulette. If you only want to play French Roulette for example, then you’ll be able to find the developers and the online casinos that provide such to you right here.

Where to Play and How Do I Know It’s Legal?

You’d be hard-pressed to find an online casino that doesn’t provide roulette in at least one version. Due to the fact that it’s such a popular and renowned game, it appears at a vast majority of online platforms. That being said, it’s important to find a casino that provides it in a legal and secure environment. Just because a casino has the external appearance of being professional and well-kept, doesn’t mean that it’s operating legally. Fortunately, that’s where also comes into play for you.

An online gaming site that offers roulette and other such games needs to hold a proper licence. This ensures that not only is everything legal, but that the platform itself is working under strict enough regulations. These regulations ensure that all games and all casino operations are fair for the players. Via our site, you’ll be able to navigate your way through various platforms that are offering roulette games in a safe, secure and fair environment. All of the platforms that we recommend come with at least one gambling licence, meaning that they are trustworthy and working to lawful guidelines. Additionally, we have reviewed the sites in full to discover what sort of offers, variation of games, customer support and other features they have.

Roulette Licensing

As we said previously, it’s important for an online gaming site to hold an effective gambling licence. This allows it to operate and offer online casino games in a legal environment. It’s true to say that some platforms hold more than one licence, and some licences are stricter than others. This is why we’ll also be pointing out the type of licence held by the online casinos that we recommend. It’s always good to know which locations are better than others for providing online roulette. Likewise, it’s important to know that your gameplay is taking place in a safe location too. So, we’ll certainly be able to offer up some of the best sites for accessing roulette games.

Intriguing Bonus Offers

If you’ve ever played at an online casino before, you’ll probably be aware that a vast majority of them come with appealing bonuses and promotions. These are in place to ensure that you have a great experience and are able to boost your overall balance. Most platforms will provide a specific welcome bonus, although this doesn’t usually cater to roulette games. That being said, you’ll also be able to find some casinos that have roulette-specific offers too. So, if you’re an avid roulette fan and player, the chances are that you’ll also enjoy a roulette bonus or two.

At, we will hand pick the very best online gaming sites that provide intriguing roulette bonuses. In doing so, you’ll be able to take advantage of the best deals for you and really enjoy placing your bets. It’s also true to say that some platforms present their players with one-time promotions for roulette. For example, promotions may require you to win on an even bet to receive a special bonus afterwards. Or perhaps the roulette wheel needs to have the ball land on a specific number for you to win your bet and a promotional reward. Don’t worry though, we’ll be pointing out the online casinos that are able to cater to roulette gamers. The promotions are in place to enhance your roulette experience, so we’ve found only the best for you in this area.

A Live Experience

It’s not only standard roulette that you’re able to play, but some online casinos also provide gamers with live versions of such. This means that you get to have as real and authentic a roulette round as you would get in a land-based casino. Live casino games come with real dealers who you’ll see streamed directly from studios or actual casinos. These dealers are there to set the roulette wheel spinning and send the ball into it. Players are able to interact with these dealers – and with other players – via a live chat function too. It makes the whole experience much closer to the real thing, all without you leaving the comfort of your own home.

It’s quite fortunate then, that we at know of the very best locations for you to play live roulette at. We’ve found the utmost in pleasing platforms and furthermore, some of them also come with live casino special offers too. So, you can potentially receive a bonus or two for playing roulette in a live setting. At our site, we’ll inform you on only the best in live roulette game offerings.

Roulette on the Move

It’s also common knowledge now that casino games are accessible via a mobile device. So, if you enjoy playing games while you’re on the move, then mobile gaming is definitely your thing. Many platforms also provide roulette on the go as well. So, if you have a preference for accessing such while you’re travelling on the train for example, we know of the best platforms to do this at. Mobile gaming is at the height of popularity, so why not get involved in the action? Browse through our recommended sites and find the one that caters best to you. Sometimes, you’re also able to claim mobile casino promotions as well. So, wouldn’t that be great to boost your mobile roulette gameplay?

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s also the case that several online gaming sites will allow you to play roulette for free as well as real money. Therefore, you can check out the different roulette variations and familiarise yourself with how they work. That’s why we’ll be able to point out which of these sites are able to provide players with free play too. There’s nothing worse than accessing a game, betting some money and figuring out how it all works in the process. It can lead to the loss of funds that you may otherwise be able to avoid if you get to play a few practice rounds first. That’s why free play is such a boon. At, we’ll be able to give you all of the details on the platforms with free play roulette available at them.

Hints, Tips and Insight

It’s one thing to access and play a game of roulette, but it’s quite another to know what you’re doing. Sometimes, it’s necessary to inform yourself of a few different hints about how to play it successfully. Or at least, to some degree of success. There are many different tips on strategies for playing roulette. Some of them work exceptionally well, while others are a bit more in-depth and require a higher level of experience. That being said, we’ll be able to keep you informed of all the best strategies for playing online roulette. Everyone needs a little bit of help at some point, right? So, browse through the different roulette tips that we provide and increase your knowledge of playing the game.

With an increase in your roulette knowledge, there’ll surely be an increase in your winning ways. We only aim to serve and assist you in your roulette gaming journey here at And if we can do that by informing you on the best places for playing roulette, the way to find legal platforms, the different promotions and more, then we will. It’s just a matter of you utilising our site to the best of your advantages. So, please feel free to go ahead and browse through all of the sections. The roulette games are waiting for you!